Christy Gissendaner 

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paranormal and contemporary romance author




Flashback is coming this summer! Stay tuned for release dates, ARC's, and more information.

It’s 1985 and Percival Vane, the lead singer of Jericho, is the hottest thing in music. He has it all – the fans, the money, and a gig he adores – but underneath the smoke and flashing lights, he is a tortured soul who’s learned to bury his feelings. Battling a lifelong addiction, he covers up the pain by pouring his heart into his music, penning lyrics that defy the imagination and leave his fans breathless for more…until the words stop coming.

Betsy Walker knows the dirty little secrets of life on the road. She was just such a secret, daughter of a popular 1960’s folk singer who hadn’t wanted to compromise her career by raising a child. Betsy was weaned on glitter and disco, rocked to sleep by the strum of guitars, and if there’s one thing she knows, it’s that she never wants to live the life her father set for her.

But the absolute last thing Betsy wants is to fall for the lead singer of Jericho. More rock than soul, more heat than substance, Percival Vane is the complete opposite of her type and a man who’s had more panties thrown at him on stage than most women wear in a lifetime. On summer break from college, she agrees to accompany her father on tour with Jericho. She’s thrown together with Percival far more than she would like and comes to suspect that beneath the guyliner and the long hair is a songwriter who’s been misunderstood, molded into something he doesn’t really want to be.

Can she help him find himself? Or will they both become victims of Percival’s quick rise to the top of the charts?